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Revision is a multi-purpose Bot ready to skill up and boost up your Discord server with our special commands !
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🤖 Revision Category 🤖
We provide you the best features in Bot!
Information ℹ

Revision offers you a unique experience in this field. In this "Information" category you can see commands like !botinfo , !svinfo, !ping , !uptime !whoisuser , !invite , !vote , !support , !donate.

Good secruity 🔒

Revision 🥽 offers you one of the most advanced cyber protection systems for discord servers. It can be used right now without any problems ! We try to provide best performance for users !

Moderation 🛠️

This category is dedicated to users of commands such as: !ban, !kick , !mute , !unmute , !clear, !slowmode , !lock , !unlock , !createemoji , !deleteemoji , !announcement , etc.

Economy 💰

We have one of the most efficient and developed stable economy systems and without any problem you can enjoy it! With this category you can rob , bet someone and donate your earnings !

Fun 🥳

Fun Category for everyone who want to have some fun ! Some commands can help you to punsih your friends with !slap . More information you can see on Discord Support Server 🤖

Prefix ✅

Because we have a great bot and its a universal bot we offer all users of Revision posibility to change their prefix . You can do that with command : !setprefix . Default prefix is "!"

Suggestion 🔰

We prepare the best for our users and make this SUGGEST System. Its easy to propose and easy to response ! Easy and fast to use for everyone with no problem . Fast commands response !

Giveaway 🎉

This GIVEAWAY System is make special for server need to give people thinks . Its store to our base the time when you make and when you end the giveaway ! Like all category easy to use !

Role Reaction ⚡

Simple role reaction system when someone join the server you can make a embed like Mee6 or Carl and enjoy your reaction , ranks with no price and no risks . Revision premium perks here


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